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Your Local Farm Family

The Leonard Family of Midland Va has been your local dairy farm family since 1953.  We retired from our Dairy Herd  part of the farm in January 2018. Now with the 4th generation in the wings, the farm continues to strive to care for our beef herd and be good stewards of the land producing hay .


If you would like to visit to learn more about our farm
check out for more information.


What we produce

Most of what we produce is feed for our cows.  We grow corn, sourghum and hay, along with wheat, barley and sometimes rye.  Soybeans are grown as a cash crop and to help with our corn and soybean rotation for soil health.  

We were proud member of the Maryland Virginia Milk Cooperative for the last 64+ years.  We retired from the Dairy part of our farming operation in January 2018.

Each season is a leap of faith and hope as we plant our crops then hope and say a few prayers for rain.  


At times we do have straw and hay for sale.  
If in need call 540-522-0689

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